NY NOW Podcast

Artisans, Fair Trade and Overcoming Barriers

March 26, 2021 NY NOW Season 1 Episode 34
NY NOW Podcast
Artisans, Fair Trade and Overcoming Barriers
Show Notes

How are artisans and their social enterprises overcoming barriers? How is Fair Trade being combined with commercial innovations to adapt to new challenges? In what ways do Fair Trade Enterprises differ from conventional businesses? These questions will be explored by leaders from the Fair Trade movement. WFTO is the global community of social enterprises that fully practice Fair Trade. It's Guarantee System verifies purpose-driven businesses that put people and planet first. In this episode, Erinch Sahan, Chief Executive of WFTO, is joined by Sasibai Kimis, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer of Earth Heir and Rachel Spence, Director of Operations and Engagement at Fair Trade Federation to discuss innovations during COVID times, the commercial gains of Fair Trade and and they remain committed to their workers, artisans and communities. 

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