NY NOW Podcast

Empowering Change

March 26, 2021 NY NOW Season 1 Episode 32
NY NOW Podcast
Empowering Change
Show Notes

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we recognize a few inspiring women through their achievements who are making a difference and are important voices to hear.  Kristen and Stephanie developed Strong Selfie, a gifting box for girls that incorporates positive messaging to help young girls feel strong and confident.  Anna Welsh, a 16-year-old founder and CEO of Little Bags by Anna who has learned that at any age we can be changemakers and mentors to other aspiring young entrepreneurs and Grace Kang, Founder of Pink Olive whose mission is to inspire giving and beautiful living, provide a platform for young girls to speak up and fight for equality and offer business education through her Pink Olive School.   


o   Strong Selfie: www.strongselfie.com   IG: strong_selfie   

o   Little bags by Anna: www.littlebagsbyanna.com  IG: littlebagsbyanna

o   Pink Olive:  www.pinkolive.com   IG: pinkolive   

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